Frontend Learning Group for Women


I am passionate about empowering women to achieve financial independence & career fulfillment. Frontend Development is a lucrative and in-demand field with a relatively low barrier to learning. I created FLGW for women to learn frontend dev in an encouraging, low-pressure setting.

HOW ⚙️

We shall learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, React and other frontend-related competencies. The program's pace allows most participants to understand the material without feeling too rushed or pressured. There are live office hours each week to discuss difficult parts, and our Slack community also provides regular support. FLGW is very self-directed, so you need ambition, focus & drive to be successful.

Screenshot of Office Hours

Screenshot of Office Hours


FLGW is for women anywhere in the world. We strongly encourage Black women, women living in Africa, or mothers to apply.


The dates for FLGW-2023 are as follows:
- Jan 5th: Applications open; Prep starts.
- Feb 2nd: Applications close.
- Feb 15th: Prep ends.
- Feb 16th to 22nd: Exam Week.
- Feb 23rd to Mar 1st: Accepted engineers notified; Onboarding starts.
- Mar 2nd: Cohort 2 starts.
Cohort 2 will run for approximately 6 months. The top-performing engineers will then participate in an 8-week-long Capstone Team Project.


Through the generousity of our mentors & supporting companies, the actual FLGW program is FREE! But there are a limited number of spaces per cohort, and there is a $10 non-refundable application fee.


You need the following for FLGW:
- A reliable Laptop (PC or Mac)
- A strong Internet Connection.
Please DO NOT apply to FLGW-2023 if you do not have these two things! We DO NOT supply or loan laptops!

Sincere THANKS to the following companies for their generous support of FLGW! 💛

Program Goals

  • Get comfortable with frontend software development, one of Tech's most lucrative fields.

  • Enjoy an ultra-supportive community and regular group mentoring, without undue pressure or common self-doubt triggers.

  • Build concrete technical skills that can form the foundation for a successful coding career.

  • Build discipline and critical communication & networking skills.

Program Expectations

  • Devote at least 12-16 hours/week for studying. This equates to a minimum of 2 hours a day, if you study 6 days a week.

  • Attend office hours each week; even if you do not need help, show up to support your cohort.

  • Participate in our Slack Community and abide by its Code Of Conduct at all times.

  • Share any struggles or obstacles that threaten your progress with Arit, so that she can strategize with you.

Applications are closed. 🚫

Join our waitlist and we will email you (just once!) when applications open again. Also follow Arit Developer on Twitter (@aritdeveloper) for updates.


You Are On Our Waitlist!

When we open the next cohort, we shall email you just once about it.Remember to also check your spam folder, and your Promotions or Updates tabs (Gmail users).